My top favourite podcasts for Creatives and Entrepreneurs - By Crystal Oliver

My fave podcasts for creatives working from home

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As the past two years have whizzed by with lockdowns 1-6 for us in Melbourne, I’ve been listening to a lot more podcasts – mostly to block out the rest of the noise at home whilst managing kids! I’ve always been such a fan, but with a mountain of choice out there on literally almost ANY topic I thought I’d share my go-to podcasts.

Beautiful Website Designed by Crystal Oliver - Frank Jay Melbourne

Best website platforms for small business

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It’s essential for every business whether big or small to have a digital presence to help achieve its goals. But with a myriad of DIY website platforms out there that help you put a website together – it’s hard to know where to start! Here’s my guide on the top three best website platforms
I use the most which are perfect for small businesses.

Branding Guidelines for Bold and Colourful Brand Mabel Pink by Brand Designer Crystal Oliver

Branding basics for your small business

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Visual branding is every single visual touchpoint of your company or business. Let’s break down branding basics so you can walk away with a really great understanding for how and why its super important for your small business!