Your brand’s identity is so much more than just your colours, fonts, and logo – it needs to be meaningful, considered and aligned with your brand’s purpose. Strategically created with your ideal audience in mind*

branding for small business


*That's where I come in 😉

my undivided attention (seriously, I’ll tune into you and your business like… well, nobody’s business! I’m an incredibly curious creature and will draw things out of you about your brand that you didn’t even know you knew!)

When you work with me to create your brand’s identity you’ll receive:

your complete colour palette

every font you’ll ever need to use

a one-of-a-kind logo you and your clients will love

graphics, icons, patterns, and backgrounds

a mood board for your brand’s personality

easy-to-follow guidelines and instructions on how to consistently use every element listed above so you can make the most of your investment.


websites for small business

*That’s a lot, right? Don’t worry – I’ve got you 🥳

Your business’ website is your online home. It’s not enough for it to just look pretty. It needs to be welcoming, intuitive and easy to navigate. The websites I create are thoughtfully made, user-friendly, purpose driven and SEO ready while being the perfect reflection of your brand and brand values*

the benefit of my 10+ years’ experience working in UX and communication design

your brand’s personality imprinted (seemingly) effortlessly across every page

a strategically created, custom built site designed to attract and keep the attention of your ideal audience

home page and up to 5 sub pages (or more if needed)

custom graphics and icons aligned with your brand

your choice of Squarespace, Showit or Shopify

super easy instructions for how to make the most of your shiny new website moving forward, including how to upload your own content and update your copy


When you work with me to create your business' website you’ll receive:


“I hired Crystal to re-design my new business website this year and was thrilled with her talent, work ethic, and general loveliness as a human. She listened carefully to my brief and really made an effort to understand my story and tailor a design that was true to me and my brand voice in the design. She nailed it. I couldn't be happier and have had compliments galore since launching.

She's a super-talented designer, calm and professional communicator and someone who cares about your brand as much as you do. I was one of a long line of hopefuls waiting to work with her, and I'm so grateful I managed to snap her up. What a gem!”

all the feels

all the feels



From the first contact I had with Crystal I was struck by her enthusiasm and professionalism; this only grew and grew as the experience went on! A great deal of time and effort went in to understanding my business and my branding needs. Even without meeting face to face, I felt a strong rapport with Crystal through the whole process – I could feel she was genuinely excited to be working with me. Within a week, unsurprisingly, I had 3 great concepts delivered to my inbox. One of these was 100% bang on what I was looking for and I was rapt. My logo and branding is now something I love.

I highly, highly recommend!

kind words from kind people

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